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Object -> TKS


boolean     classToHashTable            (Class _object, HashTable _ret_hash) - write class members to _ret_hash. set hash values by reference.
String      constantToString            (int _val, String _prefix)
int         evalMethodByName            (Object _o, String _methodname, ListNode _argumentlist, Value _return)
Class       findScriptClass             (String _name)  - find script class and return template object
int         getClassID                  (Object _o)
String      getClassName                (Object _o)
StringArray getMethodArgumentNames      (String _classname, String _methodname) - return arg names or null
int         getVersion                  ()
String      getVersionString            ()
boolean     hashTableToClass            (HashTable _hash, Class _ret_object) - write _hash to _ret_object. grab hash-values.
            setIntPropertyByName        (Object _o, String _property, int _val)
            setFloatPropertyByName      (Object _o, String _property, float _val)
            setObjectPropertyByName     (Object _o, String _property, Object _v)
int         getNumProperties            (Object _o)
int         getPropertyAccessKeyByName  (Object _o, String _name)
int         getPropertyAccessKeyByIndex (Object _o, int _index)
<var>       getPropertyByName           (Object _o, String _property)
<var>       getPropertyByAccessKey      (Object _o, int _ak)
String      getPropertyClassName        (Object _o)
String      getPropertyNameByAccessKey  (Object _o, int _ak)
<var>       newObjectByName             (String _className) - return new Object instance for class called _className
<var>       newObjectArrayByName        (String _className) - return new Array instance for element-class called _className
<var>       newObjectByID               (int class_ID)
<var>       stringToConstant            (String _const)
            yield                       () - re-schedule current thread



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