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Object -> Stream -> File


byteOrder - readwrite, BIG_ENDIAN or LITTLE_ENDIAN
object    - readwrite, 
offset    - readwrite
size      - read
i8        - read/write byte from/to stream
i16       - read/write word from/to stream
i32       - read/write dword from/to stream
f32       - read/write floating point number from/to stream
f64       - convert float<->double


SEEK_BEG, SEEK_CUR, SEEK_END - arguments to seek() 
IOS_OUT, IOS_IN, IOS_INOUT - arguments to openLocal() 


       close                ()                     - close file previously opened by open() or openTemp(). temp files will not be removed automatically
       deserialize          (Object _o, int _rtti) - deserialize object from stream (optional typeinfo)
int    eof                  ()                     - test if end of file has been reached
       flush                ()                     - flush filebuffers (i.e. finish writes)
int    getByteOrder         ()                     - return current filestream byteorder (BIG_ENDIAN/LITTLE_ENDIAN)
int    getErrorCode         ()                     - if file is open, this will return the last error
String getErrorStringByCode (int _code)            - if file is open, this is used to convert an error code to a string.
int    getI8                ()                     - read a byte
int    getI16               ()                     - read 16bit integer, fix byteorder, expand sign
int    getI32               ()                     - read 32bit integer, fix byteorder
float  getF32               ()                     - read a 32bit floating point value
float  getF64               ()                     - read a 64bit floating point value ("double"), downcast to 32bit
       getObject            (Object _o)            - deserialize object from stream (no typeinfo)
int    getOffset            ()                     - return current read/write offset
int    getSize              ()                     - return file size.
int    isOpen               ()                     - test if file is open
       setI8                (int _i)               - write a byte. 
       setI16               (int _i)               - write a 16bit short. convert to stream byteorder.
       setI32               (int _i)               - write a 32bit long. convert to stream byteorder.
       setF32               (float _f)             - write a 32bit floating point value 
       setF64               (float _f)             - write a 32bit floating point value ("double"), expand to 64bit
int    open                 (String _name, int _iosmode) - open a local file, _iosmode must be one of IOS_IN, IOS_OUT, IOS_INOUT.
String openTemp             (String _directory, String _prefix) - make temp file and return its name
int    readBuffer           (Buffer _b, int _off, int _num, int  _resize) - read _num bytes from stream and store in buffer at offset _off. resize buffer if _resize==true.
int    readString           (String _s, int _num)  - read max _num chars from stream (resp. until ASCIIZ)
       removeTemp           ()                     - remove temp file previously opened by openTemp()
       seek                 (int _mode, int _off)  - adjust read/write offset
       serialize            (Object _o, int _rtti) - serialize object to stream (optional typeinfo)
       setByteOrder         (int _order)           - BIG_ENDIAN or LITTLE_ENDIAN
       setObject            (Object _o)            - serialize object to stream (without typeinfo)
       setOffset            (int _off)             - like seek(SEEK_BEG, _off)
int    writeBuffer          (Buffer _b, int _off, int _num) - write _num bytes to stream
int    writeString          (String _s, int _off, int _num) - write _num chars to stream



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